Four strokes to distinguish between pros and cons of LED lights

2019-06-21 16:40:53

Myopia more and more people, and even three or four years old children have been wearing glasses. Computer, cell phone, TV, how these life can not be separated from the necessities of life will hurt the eyes, this is already well known things. But there is one thing may also be the culprit of myopia, you can think of it? Because the LED light blue light will cause great harm to the eyes. Accompany you cold window hard to read more than a decade, and finally was it hurt. It is necessary to choose a lamp.  


Long exposure to blue light, likely to cause eye damage, especially caused by macular lesions. Blue light can penetrate the lens to reach the retina, causing optical damage to accelerate the macular cell oxidation, resulting in a large number of free radicals, leading to cataract, macular degeneration. But the naked eye is difficult to determine whether the excessive light blue light, then we can from the following four aspects of hands-on to identify it.

1. Touch: Turn the lamp on for a while and turn off the power, then touch the surface of the lamp to see its heat. High-quality LED lights due to heat science, light for some time, the bulb surface will not have heat, and poor light LED lights a few minutes after the obvious heat.


High-quality LED lamp beads welding circuit is separated from the power supply, because in the course of the use of power supply will produce a lot of heat. In addition, high-quality LED lamp holder is generally aluminum material, can effectively diverge the power generated by the power supply, thus protecting the power supply.


2. pull: optional, we can gently pull the power cord to determine whether it is solid.

3. Tone: first plug the power cord from the socket, adjust the table lamp of the various working positions, see if the fingers can contact live parts through the gap.

4. shake: the table lamp is adjusted to work is not conducive to the location, and then gently shake the table placed in the table to see whether the stability of the lamp is good.

In use, you must determine the scope of light irradiation of the lamp, the irradiation range should be in the entire work area, should not be too scattered, can not be too concentrated, and to keep the lighting of the same light, not when the dark or flashing.

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