The final rules of the US Game Fence take effect in February next year

2019-06-21 16:41:45

From the US Consumer Product Safety Commission news, following the development of baby walker, crib, portable bed bar and other mandatory standards, the United States recently announced the mandatory fence on the game fence - "16 CFR 1221" final regulations.     


The new rules are based on the voluntary standards ASTM F406-11 non-standard size crib / game fence standard - consumer safety standards, and made some minor amendments to the requirements of the February 28, 2013 after the manufacture Or the entrance of each game fence, must comply with ASTM F406-12a specification requirements. In addition, for a game enclosure with a separate air cushion, that is, the mat is not secured, it must meet the requirements of the warning label specified in Section "Air cushion provided by the manufacturer only".


The game fence refers to a space enclosed by a frame and has a floor and side panels made of mesh or weaving to provide children with sleep and play. US Consumer Product Safety Commission survey data show that from November 2007 to December 2011, due to trapped in the collapse of the game under the fence, or hanging in the game fence rope tied to the neck, causing at least 170 children were injured, 60 The children are killed. The game fence may bring infants and young children to the security risks are gradually being people's attention. Game fences and other children's products derived safety issues also will become the United States to protect minors one of the important content. Therefore, the developed countries through the development of strict laws and regulations and standards for the import of children's products set a higher access threshold and technical barriers.


Children's toys, baby products and other children's products are exported to Ningbo, the bulk of the product, according to statistics, the annual inspection and quarantine of Ningbo port after the export of a large number of children's products, the trade amount of more than 100 million US dollars, export products, including children's toys, Fences, cribs and so on. The game fence is welcomed by the parents because of its lightweight, easy installation, mobile and other advantages. In view of the safety and environmental protection of children's products has become an international trend, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the production enterprises: First, we must strictly establish high-risk materials qualified supplier of the filing system, from raw materials to finished products from the production process to the processing Second, to optimize the production structure, to enhance production technology to ensure that the product material in the formaldehyde content, pH, heavy metal content meet the requirements; not because of product appearance and ignore the size, structure, strength and safety; Packaging should also have sufficient identification and description. In addition, to strengthen the export of foreign technical trade measures, standards of research, before the export in strict accordance with the inspection standards and test requirements for testing, in order to achieve steady growth of children's exports.

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